The Importance of Life Insurance

According to the American Council of Life Insurers, life insurance companies pay 1.5 billion dollars in benefits each day.  Without these benefits, many families would be left struggling with how to provide a decent burial for their loved one and how to meet ongoing necessities, such as food, clothing, shelter, and education.

The following testimonials are real-life examples of the importance of life insurance and how having a caring agent and reliable insurer can make all the difference. 

ImageFrom Katy D., Columbian Policyowner and Beneficiary:

Over forty years ago, my mother had insurance with Mutual of Detroit.* Years later, she even cashed in a policy to help her granddaughter continue her education.  Upon my becoming a wife and mother, and over twenty-five years later, I continue to have Mutual of Detroit insurance.  I am thankful that, over the years, I didn’t have to use my policies until recently.

My agent, Mrs. Pat Gaines, has been an “earth angel” to me and my family.  She has been there for me during my illness and income decrease (lay-offs).  She never complained when she would call to collect and I would tell her to come back next week because I was too sick or didn’t have the money then, but Ms. Gaines continued to be a blessing to me during the passing of my loved ones.  It really helps when you have insurance to give your loved ones a good burial and Ms. Gaines made each passing much easier; she was right on top of everything.

I didn’t have to deal with “where the money is coming from?”  My agent brought everything to me and showed me what I had in insurance.

Thank you, Mutual of Detroit, and my agent, Ms. Gaines.  She and the company have been a blessing to me during my hardships.


Katy G.

*Mutual of Detroit, now Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company, is part of the Columbian Financial Group of companies.

From Steve Russell, Columbian Agent:

We met Jane F. after she was referred to us from the Home Office.  We quickly became friends.  A few months later, she called and said her sister, Teresa, wanted to buy some insurance also. Image

On April 3, 2012, we went to see Teresa at her home.  Jane introduced us and we sat in Teresa’s home and provided her with a Preneed insurance plan.  The whole family has this plan, so there was no surprise when she liked it as well.

Little did we know that just two weeks later, Teresa would pass away.  Jane called us on April 18, 2012 to give us the news.  On Thursday the 19th, we drove to visit the family.  They were all trying to figure out just how they were going to pay for Teresa’s funeral. 

We helped them contact a couple of companies Teresa used to have coverage with.  Those policies were lapsed.  At this point, we were unsure of what the Preneed insurance plan would do.  Later that day we contacted Tony Spell (Columbian Regional Sales Director) and advised him of the situation.  He explained that he would check into the case and get back to us.

On Friday morning, the day after our visit with the family, Tony sent us a text message explaining what Teresa’s plan would pay.  I called Tony to confirm the amount.  We then called Teresa’s sister Jane to advise her how much the plan was going to help.  The following was her response:

“I started crying when the agent gave me the news.  There is no way in the world or a spoken word that describes how I felt.  The burden of how we were going to bury my sister was lifted.”